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Fashion Factory 3.0 is fully compatable with CorelDRAW X3 - X7.


Create off the wall designs and effects in seconds with over 200 filters and automated Fashion Factory features. Mix and match filters and automated effects to create unlimited looks and effects that your clients will love.
What kind of effects does the system create?

The Fashion Factory will allow you to instantly create many distress and soft hand effects for your apparel design projects.

While you can create almost instant simple effects for quick projects you can also mix, match and combine effects and textures. Mixing and matching gives you an almost unlimited number of effects and styles you can create in minutes.

These effects and textures combined with the exclusive monochrome conversion scripts will give you the ability to create “Off the Wall” designs and design variations with full color and spot color functionality within CorelDRAW.

 What will this system do for me?

This system will allow you instantly create the design effects that your clients are looking for in today's custom and retail apparel markets.

1. Your Fashion Factory plug-in will

Take the guess work and learning curve out of creating fashion designs and effects.

 2. Your Fashion Factory plug-in will

Expediate your work flow as you are able to create these designs and effects in minutes instead of hours.

3. Your Fashion Factory plug-in will

Pay for itself again and again in the time it will save you or your art department in creating the effects and designs your customers are looking for.

 4. Your Fashion Factory plug-in will

Help you impress your clients and prospects buy developing and presenting the most popular apparel designs and styles in the market today.

 How is the Plug-in Delivered?

Once you order is received and verified through paypal you will receive a download link. The order verification process can take up to one hour. We will also ship a CD back up of your Plugin incase you need it for future installation.

What Does the Plugin Require?

To install and run the Fashion Factory plugin you will need a full retail version of CorelDRAW X3 - X7

The Fashion Factory 3.0 Plugin requires a computer with a minimum of one gig of RAM and a Pentium 4 or higher speed processor. 
"Get an edge on your competitors by createing the designs and styles your prospects and clients are looking for"